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February 2012 Top Albums seller on webstores, Mozart: The Four Flute Quartet

Dear Wolfi, I really cannot believe that you hate so much the Flute but anyway, this recordings does not seems to confirm this old legend. By Claves, we just discover that some of our recordings […]

mar, 02

Livre événement – ERIC TAPPY, L’ENCHANTEUR

Le grand ténor vaudois Eric Tappy a marqué l’histoire de l’art lyrique et interprété les plus grands rôles dans les opéras du monde entier. Après avoir mis trop vite un terme à sa carrière de […]

mai, 19

Schubert : Die schöne Müllerin – CD 50-1105

Swiss Tenor Eric Tappy was well-known for his stage performances, particularly in Monteverdi’s Orfeo or the big Mozart operas. This unexpected Schöne Müllerin is therefore a total surprise, and it is worth explaining the circumstances […]

mai, 01


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