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The company Claves Records SA was formally founded in 2000. Its current Board members are Olivier Verrey, Eric Lavanchy, Martin Engstroem (Executive Director of the Verbier Festival) and Patrick Peikert, who became its Director in 2010. Keen to build a strong team to face a difficult market, the latter can draw on the expertise of a first-rate artistic advisor in Eric Lavanchy, producer for Télévision Suisse Romande and an associate of Claves since the very beginning, of Charlotte Mayer as Management Assistant and of Julien Henzelin responsible for Swiss and international distribution and client relations.

Created in Switzerland in 1968 by Marguerite Dütschler, Claves now has nearly 500 titles in its portfolio, ranging from the Baroque to the contemporary repertoire, comprising chamber and symphonic music, with a strong emphasis on Swiss artists, rare works and above all a fine series of song recitals by exceptional performers such as Teresa Berganza, Ernst Haefliger and Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau. Through the passion and dedication of Marguerite Dütschler, the label became a reference, both in Switzerland and internationally, for its editorial focus, its repertoire and the technical quality of its recordings and products. It is indeed thanks to her that Claves was one of the first independent labels in Europe to move over to CDs after having issued many benchmark LP recordings.

Since 2004, when the label was acquired by a foundation and then by a lover of music and the music industry, Olivier Verrey, the company was first directed by Antonin Scherrer who revitalized the label’s image by introducing a new generation of artists and through extensive communications work on the general graphic design of the releases. While still continuing in this direction, his successor, Thierry Scherz, greatly strengthened the list of young performers. He also rebuilt bridges with the company’s initial operating area, German-speaking Switzerland, and helped to establish planning processes which are vital for the efficient administrative management of the label.


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