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How to create a gorgeous CD’s cover ?

For each recording we have some standard possibilities :

We can put of course a photo of the composer, in this case Max Bruch :



or Johann Svendsen :


hmm… you are not so sure ?

Let’s find something more exciting : If you have it, select a glamorous photo like this :


or even like this !!!! :


Not so bad, isn’t it ?

Another possibility is to try to find a beautiful picture in relation with the music ; in our case, the programme is romantic so why don’t we choose something like this ? :



William Turner is always a good choice for romantic music, but the best is maybe this one :


Caspar Friedrich !

You like this but your customers find this a bit too old fashion ; so why don’t we try someting really crazy ? :




Some have also strange taste to present the music of the romantic Brahms




In fact, you want to do something special and a bit intellectual, notably to seduce the critics ; then the ECM system is the best : choose a fancy black & white photo with no connection with the music and you have :


or this


Nice no ? Personally, I like very much.

But okay, you don’t want to copy ECM, so it’s time to tell the story of our last release :


The idea was to trying to describe with an image the number 8 (because the Octets), then,  suddenly, I remenber the story of the polish artist Roman Opalka who decided in 1965 – while he was waiting for his wife who was late for a rendez-vous – to initiate his project to paint numbers from the figure 1, until his death.

More information about Opalka :

The idea was also to show how the Opalka project is in phase with music : Music is the art of time and Opalka had attempt all his life to show how the time pass by.

By Claves, we like very much this cover but… the musicians are not so happy…

Maybe the Beatles did the best cover in the world


Patrick Peikert


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